my list

shopping list of pniMy shopping and to-do list for the journey includes, among other things, coffee, a home made hot chili sauce and other spices.

spindeln 2

Filmen var nog inte så perfekt som husis menade, men nog bättre än ettan.

Some planning

We did the some trip planning in a pub called Kaisla on Thursday. This was actually the second planning round. On the first one we just decided when to start and where to go. The start will be on July the 19th or the 20th depending on circumstances. The goal is Nystad (Uusikaupunki).

anteckn-01.jpgThe feeling and general plan this year is that we will take it slow and not have any definite plans. Let’s see. After Nystad we will start heading back slowly.

As a result of the meeting each of us left with a shopping and to-do list. My notes are in the picture. As this is the fourth time we do this, the session didn’t take that long. Still, it seems it would be a good idea to make a list of things to remember and keep it for the next year. But maybe we are not that well organised…

Switching to WordPress is switching to WordPress. The reasons for going away from MovableType are:

  1. I wanted to have a more complex picture blog than what I had built for the MMSBlog and with WordPress it was possible without me having to code. The MMSBlog wouldn’t work without a Perl script doing the actual posting. I found a flexible mail post module for WordPress and that was enough for initiating the switch.
  2. Newer versions of MovableType cost money.
  3. I never quite liked MT’s tags for some reason
  4. Ditto with the site regeneration…

MMSBlog still continues as MT. If it ain’t broken…

I still have no plans turning this blog into a “normal” blog where I write about stuff I read on the net. I’ve noticed that it’s not really my thing. For the occasional blogging I do, I can use Skrubu.

The first trial with the new blogging engine is going to be the 2004 Odyssey. Hopefully posts will start appearing in one week or so. It is supposed to be a blog from the yearly summer trip with Träbåten with posts coming in during the event. Pics from 2002 and 2001 are available.


Petade lite på en ny Nokia. Inget speciellt egentligen. Knapparna var överdesignade och svåra att träffa rätt. Tyvärr hade jag inte möjlighet att få med mig en bildfil. Kanske en annan gång.

This is a HTML message, sorry쒜Kameratest. Vart är världen på väg? Minns ännu det första dataviruset jag någonsin såg, det fick bokstäverna på skärmen att ‘rinna ner’ till en liten hög på skärmen. Var jätteroligt att starta just före någon skulle använda wp. Nu tycks nämnda virus finnas som pappersversion! Spuuki