Stuck in Hangö

We are currently stuck in Hangö. The wind in combination with the trimaran you see on the right is locking us in. The manoeuvrability of Träbåten in combination with the strong northern wind means that we would quite likely end up stuck to the trimaran.

Either the wind conditions change or the trimaran leaves before we can get out of here, let’s see. We may be in for another night here and try to get out really early tomorrow.

The sun shines

The weather in Hangö (Hanko) is sunny. But the sunshine has its price. The wind is blowing quite hard, as the forecast promised. And the clouds seem to have decided where they want to be: in the east. That’s the direction we’ll be heading today. There seems to be no clouds at all in the west,where we came from. On the positive side though must be said that it isn’t raining, which is nice.


After some problems finding a place to park and doing the actual parking, we have landed.

Leaving Lefa

A sudden phone call, about half past five, took us some nautical miles north from our course to meet Lefa. So we sat there and chatted for a few hours and now we continue towards Hangö (Hanko).