Leaving Aspö

We are heading for either Vänö or Hangö, we have not decided yet. The weather is not as rough today as we thought it would be but the forecast for tomorrow promises up to 16 m/s northly wind so it might be good to plan the nightquarters with that in mind.

Nice islanders

The island of Aspö is very beautiful.

The aboriginal tribe of Aspö took care of us in a nice way. First they heated us up in an oven and then they boiled us. Fortunately we didn’t get eaten by anything else than a lot of mosquitos, which weren’t as mean as the ones in Keistiö. This is a very nice island.


For the first time on this journey ever, we made dessert. Pancakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream.


59 57.08 N 21 36.86 E. The parking is tight as usual. Soon it is time for the traditional one.