Switching to WordPress

Lokala.org is switching to WordPress. The reasons for going away from MovableType are:

  1. I wanted to have a more complex picture blog than what I had built for the MMSBlog and with WordPress it was possible without me having to code. The MMSBlog wouldn’t work without a Perl script doing the actual posting. I found a flexible mail post module for WordPress and that was enough for initiating the switch.
  2. Newer versions of MovableType cost money.
  3. I never quite liked MT’s tags for some reason
  4. Ditto with the site regeneration…

MMSBlog still continues as MT. If it ain’t broken…

I still have no plans turning this blog into a “normal” blog where I write about stuff I read on the net. I’ve noticed that it’s not really my thing. For the occasional blogging I do, I can use Skrubu.

The first trial with the new blogging engine is going to be the 2004 Odyssey. Hopefully posts will start appearing in one week or so. It is supposed to be a blog from the yearly summer trip with Träbåten with posts coming in during the event. Pics from 2002 and 2001 are available.